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Energy Company Obligation Scheme

Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme or also known as Green Deal is another initiative from the government to provide better working, energy efficient boilers to the people living in “fuel poverty”.

Under this arrangement you have the freedom to get your high quality, fuel efficient A grade boiler and repay for it with the savings you make in your bills. It might be said that it is a loan which you receive to purchase your boiler. This scheme works as boon for those who do not qualify for the free boilers or the warm front scheme.

Being an initiative run by the government and the legislation the energy companies are obliged to provide authentic stock. These products carry a 2 year manufacturers and installers warranty. The best way to be double sure is to contact an accredited company like ourselves–Viva Eco- and safe yourselves from trouble.

How do you grab this opportunity?

We at Viva Eco will guide you for this. Our company, fully accredited with the energy company obligation scheme, has the answers to all your queries. We will not just inspect your existing boiler but also help you get this grant and take care of the fitting and services required once you have your new boiler.

What is the exact procedure?

With Viva Eco at your service, all you need to do is fill in a simple form with your details. Our representatives will reach you and handle the entire procedure from there.

All your details are safe with us and we do not divulge them to any third party expect the ECO scheme database, unless legally obligated. So rest assured about the safety of your details and your boiler and leave any concerns to us.

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