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Stand Alone Benefits

Pension Credit

Child Tax Credit (household income must be less than £16,010)

Benefits Combination 1 Additional Component
1) Income Support
2) Income based job seekers allowance
3) Income related employment and support allowance

Plus one from additional components list a-g

a) Disabled child premium
b) Disability premium
c) Pension premiumd) Employment Support
e) Child under 16
f) Child under 20 (in full time education but not University)
g) Receiveing Work related activity and or support component (only with ESA)
Benefits Combination 2 Additional Component
1) Working tax credit

Plus one from the additional components
a-e (household income must be less than£16,010)

a) Disabled child premium
b) Receive disabled worker element
c) Receive severe disability element
d) Child under 16
e) Child under 20 (in full time education
but not University)
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