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Boiler Replacement Scheme

Who doesn’t want their energy consumption to go down and get their heating facilities at lesser costs? Even the government is concerned about the high CO2 emission rates that are caused by all the inefficient boilers in the UK.

A less efficient or old boiler is not just a safety threat to the owner but it also causes huge bills for them. But not everyone is financially capable for buying a new one and the cost of the work to repair them can be expensive.

If you are one such family who is in this situation, Viva Eco is here to help. We are a fully accredited company with the ECO scheme, a government initiative offering a free boiler replacement scheme for those living in what they refer to as “fuel poverty”.

What are the boiler replacement schemes available?

There are various grants available under the boiler replacement scheme, depending on your circumstance and eligibility.

A certain category of eligibility enables you to access the100% free gas boiler scheme;another enables you to receive a £400 voucher that can be used in the replacement process to greatly reduce the cost.

Alternatively, for those families who do not meet the eligibility for the above schemes, the government has set up a GREEN DEAL scheme that lets you repay the cost of the boiler purchased using the savings that you would make on your energy bills.

How do you know which gas boiler replacement scheme fits your eligibility and circumstances?

All you need to do is fill in a simple form and a representative of Viva Eco will make contact and visit you to discuss the criteria and your eligibility and to undertake a complete inspection of the boiler you already have. We will then guide you in whichever scheme is right for you.

Once the initial inspection is done, we will handle the entire procedure with you and for you till the fitting has been completed.

All our engineers are Gas Safety Registered and ensure full safety during the fitting process.

How authentic are these grants?

Being a government and legislation initiative to put a check on the energy consumption and the CO2 emission, these grants are completely reliable. Also,Viva Eco has the required accredited to assist you and carry out this scheme and have an obligation to carry out the process in a non-fraudulent manner.

For your peace of mind

The products supplied and fitted come with a 2 year installers and manufacturer’s warranty.

We do not disclose any of your personal details to any third party other than the ECO database, except in circumstances where we are legally obligated to do so.

Be assured of our reliability and professionalism, and just fill in the simple form to check the criteria you fit and we will take care of the entire thing for you. Then all you need to do is to enjoy your new A grade boiler.

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