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Boiler Replacement Grants

The boiler replacement grant is an initiation introduced in UK in 2013 for supporting people living in “fuel poverty” – those living with an inefficient boiler, who are unable to afford to upgrade it. Under the Energy Company Obligation or the ECO scheme, new free boilers or free boiler upgrading can be availed by those who fit the criteria.

Viva Eco is a fully accredited company with the ECO scheme and can guide you to get the FREE boiler replacements grants.

This government backed scheme provides eligible families with energy efficient boilers which help the families in saving up to £300 per annum on energy bills along with decreased levels of carbon emissions. This scheme is presently available in England, Wales and Scotland and funded by energy giants that include British Gas, Npower and Scottish Power.

These grants are available to those persons who live in their own property or a rented accommodation and receive government benefits, such as State Pension Credits, Working Tax Credits/Child Tax credits or other government benefits, subject to relevant criteria.

How do I know if I qualify for FREE boiler replacement grants or not?

Viva Eco will do a detailed survey at your premises to see if you meet the criteria for a 100% replacement grant. All you need to do is fill in a simple form and our representative will get in touch with you.

We will handle the process from start to finish on your behalf, and once you qualify an A grade boiler will be installed for FREE by our engineers. Our engineers are Gas Safe Registered, and are well qualified to carry out an efficient and safe installation.

All the boilers fitted are of high quality and carry a warranty of 2 years. This covers the manufacturers parts and the labour warranty as well.

Click here to view a brief criteria list for eligibility.

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