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What is the ECO scheme?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme was introduced in January 2013 to reduce the UK’s energy consumption and support people living in “fuel poverty”. Around £1.3 billion of energy efficiency improvements will be funded every year by the energy companies, as required by The Electricity and Gas (Energy Companies Obligation) Order passed in December 2012.

Viva Eco are fully accredited with the ECO scheme and can fit FREE boilers as part of the energy efficient measures to those who qualify for the free boilers scheme.The ECO scheme will help reduce carbon emissions from the UK’s domestic properties to enable the domestic carbon emission reduction targets to be met by 2050.

Who qualifies for a FREE boiler upgrade in their home?

An estimated 2.5 million households could be eligible for a FREE boiler replacement through the new boiler ECO scheme. It is available to private home owners and also tenants living in privately rented properties.

You could qualify if you have a boiler which is not working or one which has an energy rating of C or less plus you receive

  •  State Pension Credit;
  • Child Tax Credits with an income of less than £16,010, or;
  • Disability Benefits with an income of less than £16,010.

For a full list of the qualifying criteria please click here:

What can I get as part of the free boiler upgrade scheme and why is it FREE??

If you’re eligible, you’ll get a FREE ‘A’ rated energy efficient boiler which will give you a reliable source of hot water and heat in your home. The boiler will carry a full 2 year manufacturer’s parts and labour warranty* and our installers will fit it for you FREE of charge.

So you could qualify to have a new FREE boiler installed in your property which could result in you making big savings on your energy bills in the future and reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

The scheme offers FREE boiler installations to those eligible as a result of the Government requirement for all the energy companies to improve the energy efficiency of their customers’ homes. The energy companies have until 2015 to provide the funding for the ECO scheme, and as it is backed by Government and legislation, they are obliged to do this. So… there really is NO CATCH!!

*Subject to the annual service requirements of the manufacturer

How will my contact details be used and who will do the boiler installation?

Viva Ecoguarantees not to sell on your details to any third parties for the purposes or marketing or advertising, so your details are completely safe. Viva Eco will handle your application from start to finish and if you are eligible we will undertake the survey and installation FREE of charge to you. All our engineers are Gas Safe Registered and use high quality products to ensure a safe and efficient installation.

How can I claim my FREE boiler?

Please fill in the customer details form at slide of this page and a member of our team will contact you to see if you are eligible to benefit from a FREE boiler. Viva Eco will undertake a brief survey of your home prior to the installation process once your application has been approved.

Please contact Viva Eco on 01274 653953 for further information and to check your eligibility for the Eco scheme.

For a full list of criteria please click here

Where to start

Free impartial advice services are available. They can help with:

  • finding out if you may be eligible
  • explaining the support available
  • accessing the support
  • more information about the Energy Companies Obligation.


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